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They are created when an electric current is passed through a vacuum tube. Analyze them critically and communicate your ideas, insights and findings by supporting evidences. please write my essay economics How x rays work X rays pass easily through air and soft tissue of the body.

If a contrast material is to be used, the individual will be given special instructions to prepare for the procedure and may be asked to remain afterwards until recovery is complete. The x ray technologist positions the patient appropriately, so that the part of the body to be x rayed will be between the x-ray beam and the film plate. purchase research paper ukay ukay Description X rays are a form of radiation similar to light rays, except that they are more energetic than light rays and are invisible to the human eye.

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Sometimes a liquid called contrast material for example, barium is used to help outline internal organs such as the intestines. A challenging topic bears a wide scope for research. Help on essay x ray machines Many endoscopes also allow the operator to retrieve a small sample biopsy of the area being examined, to more closely view the tissue under a microscope.

There is also a slight risk of an allergic reaction to the contrast material or dye used in certain x rays. Aftercare Little aftercare is needed following an x ray. Help on essay x ray machines Professional paper writing service - https:

Although unnecessary x rays should be avoided, in most cases, the benefits greatly outweigh the potentially small increased risk of exposure. Definition X rays are electromagnetic radiation that differentially penetrates structures within the body and creates images of these structures on photographic film or a fluorescent screen. Help on essay x ray machines Read and summarize all your quotes directly and paraphrase.

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Mammograms are fixed plate x rays that are designed to locate tumors within the breasts. No special preparation is needed for fixed plate x rays unless contrast material is used. need help writing research papers journals See Preparation and Aftercare below. With fluoroscopy, contrast material is injected into a blood vessel. Little aftercare is needed following an x ray.

In complicated x rays where contrast material is injected into a blood vessel, the individual may need to remain under medical care for a short while to assure that there is no allergic reaction to the contrast material and recovery is complete. The physician can then watch the real-time movement of the contrast material to determine if there are blockages in circulation. college essay services hooks examples Check spellings for all the scientific terms used and proofread the content for grammar. Your outline must go through an introductory part, an organized body and a concluding statement. Parental concerns Some parents are concerned about health consequences of their child's exposure to x-ray radiation.

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There is an increased risk that a developing fetus will develop leukemia during childhood if exposed to x-ray radiation; pregnant or potentially pregnant women should avoid x rays. See also Computed tomography. Help on essay x ray machines Contrast agent —Also called a contrast medium, this is usually a barium or iodine dye that is injected into the area under investigation. Dental x rays are designed to locate decay within the tooth. Other articles you might like:

Although unnecessary exposure to radiation should be avoided, the low levels of radiation one is exposed to during an x ray does not cause harm with a few exceptions. Body parts not being x rayed should be shielded with a lead apron, especially the testes, ovaries, and thyroid. Help on essay x ray machines If you want to check back for edits, mark symbol of hash. The endoscope usually has a fiberoptic camera that allows a greatly magnified image to be shown on a television screen viewed by the operator.

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